Nicole Winkler Jewellery is for the woman who values beauty, individuality and fine workmanship. Each creation is bespoke; I collaborate with my clients to make unique and timeless pieces that reflect the spirit of the wearer and their personal style.

Drawing inspiration from the classic beauty of the Art Deco era, I take the natural charm of the coloured gems and diamonds I work with and blend it with the beautiful life stories my clients bring to the studio. I love the treasure hunt of sifting through gems to find the perfect one of a kind for my clients; there is a joy in weaving someone’s story and sense of style into the design to create a future family heirloom.


Each piece of jewellery should be a tiny sculpture; exquisite from every angle. I love the tiny hidden details, the personality of each piece and creating small treasures of sparkling happiness that my clients can take with them everywhere they go.

Every Nicole Winkler piece is a pleasure to wear. Swooping internal curves, rounded edges, subtle flashes of colour amid bolder centrepiece gems. Combinations of old and new, sumptuous and simple, feminine and strong; I will find the perfect balance of delicate and striking in every piece.

The world is a challenging place. I can’t change the world, but I can fashion little pieces of joy that can be worn, so that wherever the wearer goes, she takes a little piece of sparkling happiness with her.

My work is made especially for you, by me.
The piece I make for you will be a timeless piece in a disposable world.

Nicole Winkler Jewellery About Nicole Winkler 2


My path to jewellery design has been a long and winding one. After studying Fine Arts I moved into theatre and graduated from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Perth. I performed on stage and screen for 15 years, working at some wonderful Sydney jewellery stores in between, including the renowned Rox Gems & Jewellery.

As the years passed my love and appreciation of fine jewellery grew and in 2007 Nicole Winkler Jewellery was born. I still moonlight as a voice over artist from time to time and love being a mother to my two wonderfully crazy children.


When she opens the box, it will take her breath away.
The piece will speak to her and to who the two of you are together.
It will be a timeless piece of your relationship.
A three-dimensional piece of sculpture.
A family heirloom to pass on one day.