We know that remodelling a treasured piece of jewellery can be an emotional time, whether it is an inherited family heirloom or an engagement ring from a past relationship.


There are many reasons to remodel jewellery but the two big questions to address are sentimental value and financial value.

A small irregular diamond that has been worn for generations is not much to replace financially but has enormous sentimental value.

A large diamond gifted from a past relationship has a much larger dollar value but a very different emotional attachment.

We are here to work respectfully with your jewellery whatever the stories they may hold.


We are able to assess your jewellery in studio or arrange for a courier to bring it to the Sydney studio if you are interstate or overseas. You can look for gold hallmark stamps to determine the carat percentage.

Even if a gem is not a financially precious stone we can design a piece that holds the history and beauty it means to you.

Watch our video on remodelling jewellery here.


A treasured family heirloom can hold the memories of a loved family member.

Whether the piece is worn beyond repair or doesn’t suit your style we can work with you to reimagine a new ring, pendant or pair of earrings that honours the original piece and reflects your own personal style.


A marriage ending is a hugely challenging time as well as an opportunity for growth and new horizons. Just because you don’t wear your engagement ring anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still have a beautiful piece of fine jewellery.

We love working with our clients to reimagine their old engagement rings in to fabulous new pieces of jewellery to celebrate their strength and beauty.

If you don’t want to use elements from your old engagement ring, we can create an entirely new ring with different gems to mark your new journey ahead.


All gold used in jewellery is made up of an alloy of different metals. When melted gold can be temperamental resulting in a cracked rough finish. When you are ready to go ahead our setter will remove all stones and we will sell your gold and use the metal credit to offset the price of your new piece of jewellery.

If the metal in your heirloom is deeply sentimental we can discuss making a simple piece of jewellery with the gold but cannot guarantee the end result or durability of remodelled gold from prior pieces.


Please see our commissions page for full details of our commissions process.


Each Nicole Winkler Jewellery original is ethically made here in Sydney, Australia.

The recycling price of any gold supplied by you will be used to offset the cost of your new piece of jewellery. There are many components to quoting including complexity of setting, extra stones added and gold weight of the final piece.

We can work with you and your budget to create a stunning deeply personal piece of jewellery that honours your original piece.

Please note any gems supplied by clients will be checked by our gemologist for a small fee to ensure they are suitable for the design and jewellery making process. While we do have the stones checked, we are unable to provide any warranty against accidental damage or general wear and tear on stones which are provided by clients, either during the make of the pieces or after completion of the final product.


I’d love to work with you to create a fabulous new bespoke piece of sparkling happiness.