In 2022, we had the pleasure of working with the beautiful actor Rarriwuy Hick, creating her jewellery for the Logie Awards. Rarriwuy’s dress and jewellery were created around an intricate bag she wove with her mother whilst on Arnhem Land her home country. These pieces were the inspiration for this ready to wear range, Arnhem Sunset. Rich sunset tones of pinks, purples and red spinels and teal sapphires of the ocean at dusk.

Each Arnhem Sunset piece is a one of a kind, each piece subtly different with the colours of our beautiful country reflected in hand picked gems made here in Sydney. Every sale from the Arnhem Sunset range will support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls through the Stars Foundation. 10% of all profits from the Arnhem range will go to the Stars Foundation.

The Stars Foundation are a grassroots organisation that provides support to young Indigenous girls through mentorship, encouraging them engage at school and guide them through further study and work.

Displayed items are available for immediate purchase and shipping. All pieces are made to order in our Sydney workshop.